How to make your profile more attractive: Your customer comes first!

Stefanie Möllenhoff, Team Lead Cleaner Management: “When it comes to your profile, it is important to understand your customer's expectations. Customer looks for the following key things when finding a cleaner: cleaning experience, loyalty (if they look for a recurring cleaning), value for money/good price and the trust factor. Bear this in mind when working on your profile."

To assess a cleaner's profile, I always ask cleaners to answer the following questions as guidance to improve their description:
- Have you worked as a cleaner before?
- Where did you gain your cleaning experience?
- How many years of experience do you have? (If you have no previous cleaning experience – did you gain the experience in other areas such as hotels, care work, childcare, etc?)
- What is your motivation to work as a cleaner?
- What results can a customer expect from you? (attention to details, efficiency etc)

Feel free to add a little bit of humour into your description to draw the customer's attention, as long as the overall impression is that you take your job seriously! You could add some personal traits into it so that the customer gets to know you as a person!

And don’t forget: if you promise the customer anything, they will expect you to follow through on your promise!